Mobilizing America for
Energy Security and Independence
With Middle East Unrest Rocking the Oil Markets,
It is More Clear than Ever that we Must End America’s Addiction to Foreign Oil
Oil imports have been the single biggest factor in our trade imbalance, on our ballooning debt (bigger even than trade with China), and on our dependence on foreign powers for the energy we need for our security.
The trillions we spend overseas drains money from our economy, pouring petrodollars into the hands of those who would like nothing better than to see America suffer.  Our addiction to foreign oil is an economic, foreign policy and national security disaster just waiting to happen.   And our leadership in Washington has been doing nothing about it.  It’s time for a revolution in the energy we use as big as the revolution now rocking the Middle East.
EA-21 is leading an American Revolution in Energy to Free Us From Dependence on Foreign Oil.

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For Years, the Nay-Sayers Have Been Arguing that “Energy Independence” – Complete Freedom From Foreign Oil –  Couldn’t Be Achieved.  But they Are Wrong.


Now, Not Only Do Traditional Oil Industry Leaders Like BP Admit that Energy Independence is a Realistic Goal, Our Own Analysis Shows that North-American Oil Independence is Well Within Reach.


To See Our Press Statement on the Subject, and Our Calculations About How Energy Independence Can Be Achieved , Click Anywhere in This Box.




Freedom Plan
Freedom Plan